Five Iranian artists received the Peace Medal

21 September 2016

Sharq Newspaper: The fourth Artists for Peace Festival awards ceremony was held by the Iranian Pacifist Organization at the Iranian Artists Forum. Iran Darroudi, Nasrollah Afjei, Fatemeh Motamed-Arya, Mohammad Farnoud and Mojdeh Tabatabaie were received awards at the festival. Since Iranians have always been a peace-loving people, the topic of pacifism has long been a subject of interest domestically, particularly amongst Iranian artists. This interest has meant that Iranians work hard to organize festivals, exhibitions and other programs related to peace and reconciliation. Organizers of the festival noted that the number of artists participating in such events is increasing each year. Award recipients were selected based on their influence on Iranian art and their work introducing Iranian art to the world. Fereidoun Farbod, the secretary of the festival, explained, “The fourth festival was very well received by both attendees and artists. Artists like Kourosh Shishegaran, Nasrollah Afjei , Hamid Ajami, Mohammad Farnoud, Behnam Kamrani, Taha Behbahani, Farah Ossouli and Gizella Sinai exhibited their works at the festival.” The important reason for holding the festival is that it fully independent. This year Mojdeh Tabatabaii, the manager of Mojdeh Gallery, is the sponsor of this humanitarian project. Farbod believes that the enthusiastic support of artists resulted in greater sales during the festival. Explaining each artist’s view of life and the influence of peace on their work is one of the most significant components of the festival. The creative mind of an artist can conceive of a world in which there is no war. Another of the festival’s goals is raising money for the benefit of humanitarian projects. Mr. Farbod explained that even though some of art displayed at the festival does not thematically relate to the festival’s subject, the funds raised from their sale can still be used further the festival’s philanthropic goals. Farbod pointed out that $6,000 was the highest amount paid for a single piece of art, and that “the artists are the ones who really make the festival possible. The festival contains a global message, and hopes to draw the world’s attention to the potential for peace. I look forward to a day that such festivals can attract more government dignitaries.” The members of the Iranian Artists Forum and its manager, Mr. Rajabi Memar, helped make this event possible, and Farbod expressed his hope that they would continue to be involved support in coming years. This year, for the first time, other organizations working towards the shared goal of more peaceful world, including “Paper Cranes” and “Simorgh Festival”, helped promoted the message of peace and solidarity, and helped organize special programs for the festival.

Source: Sharq newspaper
Asr Iran
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