Hooshang Taheri

The painters of ethereal moments

Yet, notwithstanding these visual similarities, deep mental differences separate them from Western Surrealistic paintings, because Iran Darroudi’s paintings are rooted in an Oriental mysticism whose enigmatic silence pervades all the constituent elements of her works; a silence that assimilates everything in a poetic crystallization of time and light. Therefore, the similarity of these two different outlooks is only apparent.

…Without becoming entirely abstract in their weightlessness, her forms stand at the frontier between imagination and reality. The roaring waves of time, depicted in coarse milky brushstrokes, set out from infinity to verge on reality, with time encompassing everything in its eternity. Through her amazing technique, she depicts the dimensions of time and space in a fantastic manner between reality and imagination. To define her as the thoughtful portraitist of ethereal moments may not be inappropriate.