Javad Mojabi

Iran Darroudi at a Glance

Iran Darroudi’s paintings have remained faithful to the bright light of Iran; a light rooted at once in geography, owing to the sharp angle at which sunlight shines on this land, in culture, reflecting the lofty thoughts of our great mystic scholars, and in history, mirroring the inner light of the collective life of the peoples living on this plateau. In the light of this radiant sun, one may better appreciate and enjoy the works Iran Darroudi has produced in her latest period.

Akin to crystals glittering in the sunlight, Iran Darroudi’s latest paintings are filled with the flamboyant light of the desert. Bathing in a mystical light, their constituent elements are combined into resplendent compositions. In her general layouts, despite the presence of gaps and patches of light and dark blue, the dominant element is a rain of white, yellow and orange. The artist’s intuitive awareness of her fatherland’s culture has indeed led her towards mysticism, prompting her to declare the eventual victory of light across her oriental fatherland.

Javad Mojabi, July 2001, Tehran